Filtración de proceso

Customers from the process and food industry have the opportunity to get ready-to-use filters for their equipment such as centrifuges, vacuum filter belts, dryers and screening machines from a producer having unrivaled knowledge and experience of providing solutions to filtration problems.

  • FS_IF_Mining & Refining_X600_long

    Cartuchos alta temperatura

    Our pleated elements are used as a final filter stage in micronizer bag houses at the end of the titanium dioxide pigment extraction process.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Centrifuge_Centrifuge 01

    Lonas y bolsas para centrífugas

    Sefar manufactures innovative solutions for all types of centrifuges used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and life science industries.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Screening_Vibro 01

    Productos para separadores vibratorios y turbo

    Under the brand-names SEFAR NYTAL and SEFAR NITEX we offer a comprehensive range of fabric cylinders for centrifugal sifters.

  • IF_Equipment_Coolant belt_Coolant belt 03

    Bandas para refrigerantes

    By using customized Sefar filter belts, the resultant perfectly purified coolant ensures a constant surface quality of the workpiece, as well as a long tool lifetime.

  • FS_IF_Food & Beverages_Milling industry_Filter bags 01

    Bolsas para colectores de polvo

    Under the brand SEFAR TETEX NF we offer a comprehensive range of filter bags for dust filtration systems in the milling industry.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Filter press 04

    Telas para filtros prensa

    Sefar has extensive experience in the many applications of filter presses and offers ready-made components to fit the customer’s filter plate dimensions.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Fluid bed dryer_Fluid bed dryer 02

    Bolsas para secadores de lecho fluido

    Sefar is one of the leading manufacturers of ready-made bags for fluid bed dryers, filters and accessories.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Horizontal disc_Horizontal disc 01

    Lonas para filtros de disco horizontales

    Our filter cloths for disc filters are designed for long life and easy maintenance. They are available in special materials to withstand harsh chemicals and high temperatures.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Leaf filter_Leaf filter 01

    Fundas para filtros de hoja

    Sefar is specialized in producing ready-to-use covers for leaf filters. Our products have been developed in close cooperation with leading equipment manufacturers.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Nutsche_Fabrication 01

    Bolsas de filtro Nutsche

    Sefar provides type-specific filter discs and bags for nutsche filters that meet the high standards of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry with regard to certification.

  • FS_IF_Life-Science_Pharma-GMP-bag 02b

    Bolsas de PHARMA GMP

    In partnership with the world's top pharmaceutical manufacturers Sefar has developed SEFAR PHARMA GMP Bags providing the highest level of security.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Plansifter_Plansifter 03

    Productos para separadores planos

    Under the brand name SEFAR NYTAL we offer a comprehensive range of fabrics specially made for plansifters.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Purifier_Purifier 01

    Productos para limpiadoras de sémola

    Under the brand SEFAR NYTAL we offer a comprehensive range of fabrics specifically for purifiers including open-mesh polyester fabrics.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Disc filter 07

    Fundas para filtros de disco rotatorio

    Our ready-to-use covers for rotary vacuum disc and hyperbaric rotary disc filter segments are adapted to the needs of this filter type.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Drum filter_Drum filter 03

    Bandas y fundas para filtro de tambor rotatorio

    Sefar produces belts and drum filter covers for different filter types and their applications. Sefar’s modular manufacturing concept provides optimized filter bands.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Pan filter 07

    Fundas de sectores para filtros de bandeja rotatorios

    Sefar filter covers are suitable for all types of pan filter applications including tilting pan or screw type filter. Our fabric solutions are adapted to all process conditions.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Vacuum dryer 05

    Bandas para secadores de vacío

    SEFAR TETEX DRY is a range of specialized dryer belt fabrics for use in effective and efficient industrial drying of foods and pharmaceutical products.

  • FS_IF_Equipment_Vacuum belt_Vacuum belt 06

    Bandas para filtros de vacío

    Sefar is the market leader in the field of vacuum belt filters and produces, in collaboration with leading equipment manufacturers, optimal and high-quality belts.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Ceramic elements 01b

    Ceramic Elements

    Sefar Filtration offers a unique solution for high temperature dust/particle/fume removal to industry.

  • FS_IF_Food & Beverages_Milling industry_Sleeves 05

    Dust Filter Bags

    Sefar Filtration produces a wide range of dust collector bags, dust filter socks and dust collector sleeves for most industrial dust collection applications.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Filter bags 01

    Filter Bags

    Sefar Filtration collaborates with leading producers of liquid filtration equipment and products for their filter bag requirements and services.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Filter cartridges

    Filter Cartridges

    Partnering with leading filter cartridge producers, Sefar Filtration are able to offer the highest quality filter cartridges to suit most industrial filtration applications.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Bos vessels & bags

    Filter Housings

    Partnering with major filter housing producers, Sefar Filtration offer the very best quality filter housings available for the industrial filtration industry.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Pleated elements 03b

    Pleated Elements

    Sefar Filtration produces a wide range of dust collector bags, dust filter socks and dust collector sleeves for most industrial dust collection applications.

  • FS_IF_AUS_Dust filter 03

    Mangas de captación de polvo

    Sefar produce una amplia gama de mangas de captación de polvo para la mayoría de aplicaciones de captación de polvo industrial.